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  1. Amen- Oh what a season. You see truly- thank you for sharing, and I thank our Lord. The words I have been given are “reposition” and “hold” . Indeed, He is repositioning His people for what is coming, and we are to follow and to ‘hold” to Him, even though the winds blowing across the planet are strong- capturing people to the worldly powers, taking all their attention. In my part of the world, we are opening up and people are rejoicing for the freedoms returned; yet inside I am restless and alert. It is only the illusion of freedom returning, and like you, He has me focussed on getting ready, and preparing my humble home for those He will send in the next season. Indeed, a shelter in the hills, and He is here. Thank you for this encouraging post. Bless you and yours with Him on His hill in Kenya. I think too- when one climbs Chomolungma ( Mt Everest) , one must spend some time the foothills, before they attempt the peak. Indeed, the hills before the mountain. Shelter us Lord, and may we each hear your voice, and follow. With thanks.

    1. God bless you Kim. Its a blessing to know that you and your home are being prepared by the Lord for the days ahead. All will be well in Him. Blessings.

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