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earth drifting, Samuel Phillips

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  1. Thank you, brother, for sharing His word of warning, and the promise of His light; our very hope. Dark times indeed approach. When the cathedral of Notre Dame burned in 2019, and the people wept, it announced the end of the earthly church age. His patience with its false Christs, and the harlot of Babylon it has become, has been spent.
    “Come out of her, my people,
    so that you will not share in her sins,
    so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
    for her sins are piled up to heaven.”

    The next flex of control by the beast will come through the nations efforts to save the earth- which as you detail, goes against the very word of God, and disregards Him altogether. Our Lord called this THE CULT OF EDEN in my heart, as He revealed it. Man, even disregarding God, knows somehow within that he has desecrated the earth in his greed and self serving. Yet, rather than acknowledge the God who created it, gave it, and sustains it still in His will until His appointed time, man denies Him. Man presumes himself a god, who can and will save the earth. The beast will show the way, and all will be made to make agreement, and serve…….all who do not take up His offer of Life, receive His Spirit, and come out.

    You speak the truth- ” For as the mark of the beast is the rejection of the knowledge of God in the mind, so is the mark of God the knowing and the retaining of the knowledge of God in the mind by the Spirit.”
    Thank you for sharing the deep things of our lord given to you by His Holy Spirit.

    Lord, please strengthen the faith of those who know You, and are known by You. Keep us awake and watching for You- holding in Your Truth as all else fails, and You are revealed. Let all who hear Your voice come, come out of Babylon, and walk humbly with you where you lead. Thank You for Your light in the darkness. Bless each one, Lord. Bless Samuel and his family. Yours in Christ Jesus.

    1. God bless you beloved sister. Thank you for bearing witness to this. It is hard sometimes to relay the messages, especially the ones that don’t seem to make sense. And you are definitely correct about the Notre Dame. May the light of the Almighty guide and guard our hearts through the days ahead. Blessings.

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