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  1. Dearest Samuel,
    You are a man who speaks the truth of God. How refreshing to hear his voice so loud and clear through your words. I have read a few of your post, I usually read as God leads. Always his timing is perfect! A dear sister in Christ sent me the link to your ‘cleansing’ article. She sent it to me soon after you posted it. God had placed it on my heart to read it back then, but as it were, I had gotten caught up in the rush of life at the time. My two children and I were moving interstate, it was a very busy time. We traveled over 2500 kms to where God had called us to move. So today I sat down to read your post, as we settle into our new home, but now I can see why it had been soo important for me to have read it back when God first put it on my heart to do so. Usually I would immediately read what he asks. But alas, I waited. Yet, he still blesses me deeply through the words I have read in your article.

    For the past 15 yrs God has reminded me of a verse over and over and over again. Embedding it into my heart and helping me to understand that this was my future, not that I understood it back then. It was Luke 14:26 NIV. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and yes even their own life, such a person cannot be my disciple”. In conjunction with this verse he also reminded me of the story of Job, where he lost everything, God took it away by testing him. But then later he gave it back to him but soo much more abundantly. (The basic outline)

    Gods regular reminder to me of these two passages in th bible has always baffled me, but as I enquired of him about them, it felt like he was saying that he would remove everything, make me fully dependent on him and then give back to me only what he intended for me to have for the future. A cleansing!!!! Little did I realise at the time how true this would be. In the past seven years God has lead me through some incredible preparation for what is to come. Following Him has meant that he called me to leave my marriage of 19 years, which was of an abusive nature. Out of our 4 children, one is now estranged from myself and her siblings, the other has turned to drugs to hide from God and her past. Both are now young adults. God asked me to leave them in His hands and move into a different state. Leaving them behind. Our two younger children are still in my care, and their father does not want to have contact with them. My parents have traditional ideals and have remained completely unsupportive of my decision to leave my marriage, resulting in a relationship breakdown between myself and my parents, and with three out of four of their grandchildren (my children). God asked me to leave my parents behind also and not try to rebuild the relationship. So now having moved interstate, I do not have communication with them. As God has directed me to do. Similarly, most of our family friends and extended family are no longer a part of our lives, for similar reasons.

    This must all sound absurd and wrong, however God had made it very clear to me for many years that I would loose almost everything, just like Job. And that I was to love him more than anything, including my own life, my parents, my children and husband….everything. Which we know he asks us to do, he has made it clear that he meant this literally!

    For th past two years, my two younger children and myself have been without a home, moving from one place to another. Moving 11 times, over two years. In that time I also was without a car and was loaned a car for 8 months by one of my close friends, which I was incredibly grateful for. God had put on my heart that I would loose almost everything. It certainly felt that way….my marriage, my parents, (my children’s grandparents), my two older children, extended family, family friends, our home, our car, my children’s health was being impacted, as was mine. Yet, throughout the entire process God kept reminding me of Job and of Luke 14: 26. He gave me a picture in my mind of a home that we would live in that he had waiting for us, that would be ours. I felt like he was doing a life cleansing, a body and mental cleansing, a relationship and home cleansing, an environmental cleansing and a cleansing of all that we owned. Before leaving our home two years ago, I had been asked by God to let go of all of our belongings except what I would take interstate with me, with my two children. So I emptied all the contents, letting go of everything except photos, drawings and artwork my children had done over the years and some clothes. No furniture or kitchen items or household things would be taken with us. Everything had to go. The home was cleansed! We kept only what God asked us to keep. Then we moved 11 times before arriving where we are now. A completely new place. An area we had never been to before. A home we had not seen except for photos online. We have no family, friends or Acquaintances here. A completely new life. Completely separate from our old life and way of living. We eat different, sleep different, live in a new climate, a new community and a new lifestyle. Waiting to see what he has for us next. I actually feel like a different person. Two months before arriving here, God provided us with our own car to make the 2500 km journey.

    He has begun to restore what he had taken. My faith is strengthened, my health is restoring, my home is filling up with new memories and new items. My two younger children are being restored in health and mind. We now await what God has waiting for us here. We are here for a purpose, brought here strategically, placed here strategically, all is according to His will. Nothing is accidental or by chance. It’s all for a reason. I await his next call. And his promise for a new community, a new family and friends here for my children and myself, just like he has provided a new home for us to live in. He also asked my children and I to change our names. So we have arrived to our new home with new names. His ways have seemed extreme and difficult, excruciatingly painful at times, as I have followed him. But we are now free of abuse and my two younger children can grow up in a safe and secure environment. As I trust my older two children in Gods hands. He knows what he is doing. And I trust him completely. I am glad for the cleansing!!!! Whatever is to come, there is a reason we are called to cleanse with him. No matter what that cleansing looks like to each of us individually. It is crucial to follow it through.

    Thank you Samuel for your kind words and encouragement in the article. I am blessed to read and be refreshed. Bless you my brother.

    1. God bless you richly Melina and thank you for going through the article. The experience you shared is absolutely beautiful and even though it is not strange, it is rich, knowing that you are on a journey with God and your sight is stayed on Him. I and my family have been on similar path, where you move from place to place like Nomads or let me say, as Pilgrims but with a purpose in God. Owning nothing and gathering nothing because the journey is about weightlessness and flexibility to respond to God when it is required. So I bless God for your life and the life of your kids, both the ones with you and the ones that are not. The two that are not with you right now, though it seems they have been cornered by the enemy as it were, the reality is that, they will be restored as new unto God. Continue to keep your eyes on Him who separated you and all will be well.
      You can subscribe the website, so you get direct notifications of when new contents are uploaded. God bless you.

      1. Thank you soo much Samuel for your kind and encouraging words. I truely do feel weightless like you say. And truly there is nothing as important as having the flexibility to be where God wants us to be, when he wants us to be in a place and being able to move around to do this, is an amazingly freeing experience. All for his purposes, and with child like wonder and awe, as he lays out his plans and follows them through right before our eyes. We are privileged to witness him at work! It is an extraordinary journey with the Lord. Nomad indeed! Pilgrims! That was the words he spoke over me also. It’s a truely amazing existence, a spiritual walk like Enoch ! This has always been my hearts desire to walk with the Lord as Enoch did. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

        As for my older children, God has promised me many things, and their safety in his arms has been one of them. He always follows through on his promises. But he does it his way, of course!!!! This is not always easy to accept but the best in the long run. It is not easy to be his son or daughter. God IS all knowing and knows what it takes to move us out of a common life and into an extraordinary walk with him. Where our lives are cleansed of everything but him. Where everything and everyone we love is given to him, so that he IS our greatest love. We live to serve, honour, obey and love him with all that we are, all that we have and all the we will be. All for his purpose and glory. I believe he is building us up to be his warriors here on earth, ready for war. I believe we are in the last days. And that this cleansing is our preparation for it. That weightlessness that you speak of Samuel and the flexibility, is a wonderful experience. Is that not the life of a warrior of God, a son or daughter?! It has been a hard battle to get to where we are now, but it has been well worth the effort. I encourage others to follow wherever God leads. It is for him that we live, is it not!

        God has blessed me with many incredible visions of his preparation of his people. I will happily share them with you if you feel this to be his will here. I feel to offer this to you Samuel, knowing that you will bring it before the Lord to seek his will over it.

        Blessing and much love.
        Your sister

        1. Absolutely! One of the mark of a called out warrior of the Lord is the Pilgrims and Weightless life they are made to live. And I think God does it this way, so they are never held down by things, especially when their calling includes taking territories for God. And yes the cleansing is the preparation for the end time and much more for the third world that is coming after now. I wrote a few things about the end time, the third world and the process of cleansing in my latest book titled: Like The Days of Noah and Lot-Living In The Days Before The Third World. It’s not on amazon, so if you are interested in getting one, it will have to be shipped to you as hard copy. As per your visions, you may share them as you are led with me but through my mail: or if you are on Telegram, you can use +2547095502056
          God bless you richly with Himself.

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