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Then the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days. Revelation 12:6

So it came to pass, when they had brought them outside, that he said, “Escape for your life! Do not look behind you nor stay anywhere in the plain. Escape to the mountains, lest you be destroyed.” Genesis 19:17

*all scriptures are taken from the NKJV, unless otherwise indicated


In this season, there is a very clear call from the Lord for His children to run to the mountains (wilderness) of their nourishment, for a time of nourishment for the days ahead. However, the mountains in real time will mean different things and even places for each one, but one thing that will be constant is that, it will be a place or reality in which God will put each one, and where they will be safe and secured in the Spirit of God in the season we are in and also going into. But in any case, if the indication for you is to go to a physical mountain, do not hesitate to do so, for it is easy to think and undermine the instruction of God, especially if it does not sound “spiritual”.

Going to Mount Kenya

In early February this year, my wife and I and a group of off-roaders made a road trip to Lake Ellis, in Mount Kenya. Lake Ellis is one of the many lakes around Mount Kenya and is a little more than eleven thousand feet above sea level. It was all excitement for me when it was clear we were to make the journey. I personally just love travelling, especially road trips. It gives me room to see and also take in the beauty of nature and creation in general.

One morning, that should be a day before the trip; I heard these words of instruction that woke me up from my sleep. They said clearly about the trip to Lake Ellis: “It’s a gathering of elders. Pay attention. I will give you specific words.” The statement was longer than that, but I will leave out the rest. I can’t tell you how my excitement increased concerning the trip, knowing that by God’s grace, it was attached to something in His mind.

So off we went on the road trip to Lake Ellis. Quite a few discouraging things happened on the way but we managed to get to the lake at the appointed time.

Naturally, it was very cold due to the high altitude and also very quiet. So my expectation was high about how God was going to reveal this gathering of elders that He promised and the specific words He promised. Clearly God has His own ways of dealing with our expectations. Due to the biting cold and the other activities going on around, and it being my first time at such a place, I could not even think or concentrate. The other off-roaders that we rode with were playing loud music at the lake and had lots of lights. It was not chaotic, but just not convenient for my usual pattern of silence. At one point, my wife and I had to go sleep in our tent. But even sleep was very difficult because of the wind, the rain and the cold. At this point, nothing still seemed to look like a gathering of elders and not a specific word had been given. I was wondering if I had missed something or I didn’t hear clearly what the instruction was. The next day, which happened to be the day we were to descend from Lake Ellis, my wife and I decided to do a short video about Lake Ellis (we have a YouTube channel). As she spoke about the topic of change in Afrika, suddenly she asked me to turn around and see a cloud from the side of the lake coming towards us. I turned and saw this amazing white cloud riding on the surface of the lake and coming very fast towards us. It matter of seconds, we were covered with the cloud. The smell of water filled the atmosphere around us and the temperature dropped further instantly. We captured the event in the video. Somehow, maybe because I was feeling like I had missed something about what God said concerning the gathering of elders and the specific word He promised, I didn’t pay much attention to the coming of that cloud or what it meant in that moment. So we packed up our stuff and rode back home.

The Specific Word from the Lord

You know sometimes, we get quite used to God speaking to us directly or through some specific people we have trusted over time, so much so that we often don’t think He may decide to use someone else to tell us what He is saying to us. Back at home, I still didn’t understand what happened at Lake Ellis and why it seemed that the only people that clearly were with us there were the guys having a good time with their food and music. Clearly, there was no “gathering of elders” and no specific words. Well, so I thought at that time. But the very next day or so after returning from Lake Ellis, one of our sisters sent us a message about what God is saying for the season. She said she was woken up from her sleep by a voice that cried out saying, “Rise up! Go to the mountains, Abiezer will bring you food there”.  I was stunned at her words and how again it’s connected to the mountains. She was even more stunned when we told her we just came down from Mount Kenya just a day before she sent us the words. She shared a longer version of those same words. I will share that below.

The Connection

At this point and because I have had a series of words from the Lord about going up the mountains (see my last two messages or so), the words of our sister from the Lord were helping me put the links together. We shared the video we captured on Lake Ellis on our YouTube channel. In the comments section, someone made mention of how the coming of the cloud in the video reminded them of the Mount of Transfiguration experience where Jesus, Peter, James, John, Moses and Elijah were wrapped in a cloud. It was like a veil was suddenly removed from my mind and instantly I could connect what actually happened when the cloud came to us at the lake. It all made sense. Clearly, my expectation of what God was going to do on that mountain was different from how He did it. For clearly, who else could be referred to as elders before God if not Moses and Elijah and what words could be more specific from the Lord except the ones that He spoke through one of His own dear daughters? And mind you, the name Ellis is the same thing as Elijah which means, “my God is God”.  It all completely made sense.

Like I promised I was going to share a more detailed and general message that our sister sent to us. But because this part of the message was a phone conversation she had with us about what God was saying, in which she spoke both English and Swahili, my wife had to do a transcription and a translation. Here is what she came up with:

We received this message from our sister, Alice, a short while ago. She said that the children need to get this message urgently, i.e. those who have heard the Word.

She had an experience where she saw the Father calling His children to go up to the mountains. To go confidently knowing that Abiezer would provide for them. Abiezer means Father of help. He wanted them to know that they had no need to fear. That they would be nourished there.

What came to her mind was the woman in Revelation 12 who was taken to the wilderness to be nourished.

The Father had been calling the children all day long and each time they would pretend that they were coming up, but when He went to attend to other matters, they would go back to playing their games. But now the hour was late and from His vantage point He could see danger approaching them. 

He was frustrated and angry with them from having warned them all day without them heeding His message and now it reached a point where He was urgently trying to get them to come up before it was too late.

She said that she felt the urgency, agony and anger of a Father who was frustrated with the responses of His children. They had played all day from morning to evening until darkness had come. He got to the point where He was crying to them “Come up here or you die!” 

The children were still playing hide and seek with the Father waiting to see if He had gone so that they could continue with their games. She could see that they were climbing up because He was screaming at them and He had not gone off again (which would have allowed them to continue with their games) but they were not climbing with any determination or understanding.

What now?

I really do not have what to say and so will not say anything specific to anyone about what next. But I can try to give a picture of what could be next according to the patterns of how God has dealt with the world and even in scriptures. It is very clear that when God gives specific words to a person or a people, then attention must be paid in full to what He is saying. It is also very clear that when the reality of the Son of God and the reality of Eldership before God are revealed together, then it certainly has everything to do with the next agenda of God on the earth. For when God gave specific words on the Mountain of Transfiguration about Jesus, it was to reveal His mind about Him to the earth and also to make a shift from that which was, to that which must be. For the words of Jesus to John in Revelation were: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants—things which must shortly take place.” See Revelation 1:1. And did I mention that the lodge where we spent the night before riding up to Lake Ellis was called Island of Patmos Tavern? The connections are so clear. And also if you look at Revelation 4 and 5 where both the Lamb of God and the twenty four elders were revealed at once, it was about the things that must shortly be revealed on the earth. It is clear that the cry of creation for liberty from futility has filled the throne room of God and it is time for the sons of God to be revealed on the earth to set creation free.

Last words

If the words of the Lord through the mouth of our sister, Alice, directly relate to the woman in Revelation 12, who was given the wings of a great eagle to fly to the wilderness, where she would be fed and nourished for 1,260 days or three and a half years… does it mean that the next three and a half years after this instruction to saying, “Rise up! Go to the mountains, Abiezer (the Father of help) will bring you food there” points to how we as children of God must live in preparation for that which must come after the next three and a half years? I have no direct answer yet from the Lord, but I think it points to it somehow. For if the world is planning a global reset, which was put in place January this year 2021 during the Davos conference, and we are already seeing the effects of those decisions within a few months in the global space, can we really take with kids gloves what can happen within the next three and a half years and how it will affect the rest of the decade? Not at all. We cannot.

I have written previously in my articles about the hills of help and the mountain of nourishment but now it is clear to me, that an angel called Abiezer which means “My Father is help or Father of help” has been sent to give help to those who are called to fulfill their mandates in this season on earth. In one of the last articles I shared on this website, I talked about how my family and I had been given an indication of going to live around the mountains but our movement was diverted to live around the hills and how that is tied to the hill where help is received before going to the mountains. It gives a lot of joy to know that within the space of time we lived at the hills of help, the word about Abiezer the Father’s help actually came and now we are ready to make the movement to the mountain. Very glad to know we are not out of course.

So this is a wakeup call to all who will listen. We are not in ordinary days, but we are in the days before the beginning of the third world. I will write an article about this a bit later and will explain it in more detail in my forthcoming book.

My wife and I also recently received another word from our sister, Alice. It’s a very short but precise word. It says, “Wake up the children, the train is leaving.” This word she shared makes perfect sense for the season, for like Jesus said in Matthew 24 about the days we are in as the days of Noah and Lot, and like it happened at Lake Ellis on Mount Kenya, men will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, having fun and playing music until those to whom the Kingdom is given will be entering the cloud, the ark of God or the train.

May we all find the help of the Father to dwell in His will in this season, and in the seasons to come.

God bless you. From your brother.

To watch the video about the cloud, please click below:

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