Thank You for The Cross

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Samuel Phillips – Thank You for the Cross

This song offers us the opportunity to sit quietly and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made for our liberty, Jesus Christ on the Cross.
The Lord made the choice to suffer and die so that He could make a Living Way to reconnect us back to The Father. Without Him, there was no way and no hope.
Sometimes we lose sight of this great and holy gift The Father gave us, but the need to remember, return to and remain with our First Love is what we pray this song will provide you with. And also, that you may truly obey the voice of the Master to pick up your own cross and follow Him even with a heart of thanks giving for the opportunity to do so. For the walk of faith carries with it the walk of the cross which leads to glory.
May your sweet fellowship with the Lord be restored and retained.
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Samuel Phillips

Samuel is a man in pursuit of an intimate relationship with God through time spent in the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. His deepest desire is to see the sons of God become true tabernacles of worship upon whom GOD will rest and within whom GOD will dwell. He has spent time learning from the heart of the Father concerning artistic expressions of worship, the times and the seasons we are in, the responses that man must take with regard to the changing times and is now giving voice to various aspects of what has been released to him. His expressions of worship vary, coming forth in the form of music, nature photography, identity consulting and graphic design, as well as other audio-visual forms such as theatre/story-telling. Saphire338 is a tabernacle experience where Samuel will share some of his most intimate encounters with the King. Join us on this journey of discovery.

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