CLEANSING NIGERIA – The Acid Effect of God

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This third I will put into the fire;
I will refine them like silver
and test them like gold.
They will call on my name
and I will answer them;
I will say, ‘They are my people,’
and they will say, ‘The Lord is our God.’” Zechariah 13:9

…if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

*All scriptures are in the NKJV unless otherwise stated.

I want to believe that it’s quite hard for anyone in the world not to recognize the name Nigeria as that of a nation, even if they have never been to Nigeria before. The reality right now is that, knowing or hearing about Nigeria could either be for something absolutely amazing or something absolutely repulsive. Either case, Nigeria is a well known nation in Africa, and ranks as the most populous black nation on earth.

As a Nigerian myself who, prior to 2016, had lived all my life in Nigeria, and saw her morph from a level of social innocence, spiritual vitality, moral strength, integrity, political will to a weird place of escalated corruption, societal immorality and lawlessness in various sectors, especially in the religious, political and economic sectors. I must however also point out here and now, that there is much good coming out of Nigeria, more so than the evils portrayed by the media and the internet. This I am sure of and this I believe is true even though the image of Nigeria away from the Nigerian shores and borders is not palatable to many. A thing which does cost Nigerians a lot in the Diaspora is the unfair social injustice in the countries of their residence, by those who think that they are the judges set in place by God to judge Nigeria and to whose mind every Nigerian is corrupt or ready to commit a crime. This image is sad indeed and will, by the grace of God, be wiped out soon. For it’s time for Nigeria and the nations within Africa to step into their true destiny in God, thereby removing the reproach that has always plagued this continent of Africa. That God has turned His eyes towards Africa in this age we have entered into is not a thing to be taken for granted or undermined. And also, that things look weird on the surface doesn’t also mean that the words of God concerning Nigeria and the nations of Africa will not come to pass in due time. I say to you with the confidence of God that the much awaited time for the manifestation of Africa as a spiritual hub for this end time age has begun and will not stop until the purpose of God is complete for Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

I once read on Facebook about a prophecy given decades ago by a white missionary concerning Nigeria and Nigerians. I may not use their exact words, but I believe the message given translates to this: Nigeria will experience a time of so much unrighteousness that the name Nigeria will be a stench to all the nations of the earth, but that after that season, another season will come in which Nigeria will also be known for righteousness in all the nations of the world. This is absolutely amazing for me and gives answers to some questions I have asked God several times in the past about Nigeria.
I believed this prophecy not because I know anything about the missionary that gave these prophetic words, but because it bears witness with several words I have received over time from God concerning Nigeria and Africa. Some of these words I have shared before and some I will share now. (To see my other article on Africa, please use this link)

The Esau and Jacob effect is what I want to call what Nigeria has been going through over the years, by the plan of God. But what is the Esau and Jacob effect really?
In English, it doesn’t really have any meaning outside of my using it as a concept to explain the core of this article, which is, the seasons Nigeria have been for some time. Simply put, the Esau and Jacob effect is that pattern or concept that tries to explain what happens when a womb or source gives birth or produces both good and evil or two opposing realities. I picked this concept up from the story of Rebekah who gave birth to Esau and Jacob, his twin brother. Scripture says that God loves Jacob but hates Esau. Esau is also called Edom, name which appears from the time he sold his birthright to Jacob. This hatred of Esau by God appears so strong, to the point that God swore that Esau or Edom will be wiped out of existence forever. (See the book of Obadiah). Meaning that the same womb of Rebekah that gave birth to Jacob, who God loves so much, to the point of making a choice in his descendants as His own people, also gave birth to Esau who God hated with everlasting hatred. This is scary and needs further meditation.
This picture of Esau and Jacob is the same with the nation called Nigeria. Nigeria as a womb also gave birth to two opposite realities: those whose lives and works clearly portray the shameful, criminal and corrupt things that befit Edom and those whose lives depict Jacob, who is considered righteous before God. This difference I can say is what scripture calls the war between flesh (Esau that God hates) and spirit (Jacob that God loves). On the surface, and concerning Nigeria, it seems that in this war for prominence, the evil of Esau seems to be winning against the good of Jacob, especially when such evils are given strength by the fake news of the main stream media. But because scripture states clearly that flesh will always manifest before spirit, it gives one solace to know that the time of the manifestation of flesh (Esau) has come to its fullness and must now be taken over by the manifestation of spirit (The Jacob reality).

I have had several dreams and visions about Nigeria over the last couple of years. Sincerely, I didn’t take them too seriously back then even though I waited on the Lord in prayers concerning them. My not taking them so seriously then was simply because of my level of spirituality. Or just maybe I didn’t think they meant anything significant at that time. Anyway, there are few such visions which I will share now.

Vision One
In this vision, I was in a bus with a group of people, and while the bus waited to get more passengers, I decided I wasn’t going anymore to wherever the destination of the bus was. I got off the bus and went home. On getting home, I found a friend (A Pastor) waiting for me in the living room. Right there in the vision, he started giving words of prophecy about Nigeria. In his statement, he said there are thirty two things about Nigeria that will happen with time. He mentioned just three of them in the vision. I have prayed several times for God to reveal the other twenty-nine prophetic words about Nigeria. It is possible He gave those other words to other people out there. We can only wait to see.
The words:
1) That the Nations of the earth will come to rest under the economic prosperity of Nigeria.
2) That the Nigerian passport will be so valuable that having it alone will be like having a visa to the entire nations of the world.
Sincerely, I couldn’t remember accurately, at the time of writing this piece, the third statement he made concerning Nigeria, but I believe it has something to do with some alignment with the nation of Israel.
From the reality on ground in Nigeria and considering how the Nigerian passport is viewed in foreign countries as valueless, you would think that these words have no bearing with truth, but the truth is that, the darker the reality on ground seems to be, that much more the light is about to hit. And when light hits a place known for darkness, its glory becomes undeniable. So is the case with Nigeria and the coming revelation of light in her.

Vision Two
I was in a house fellowship some years back, seated in a corner of the hall listening to the preacher talking. Then suddenly, my eyes were opened to an open vision. I saw in that vision a pot of soup with two brooms in it. One of the brooms was fresh and new, while the other was very old, worn out and short due to long usage. The interesting thing was that, both brooms were fighting tough for dominance within the pot.
(End of vision)
This open vision was very short and precise. I had this particular vision in 2014 prior to when the ruling party All Progressive Congress (APC) came to power in Nigeria, in 2015. And based on some other words I was given around this same time in 2014, I already knew APC was going to win the presidential election but the presidency would not end well. For just as the brooms were fighting within the pot of soup, so shall the old and the new politicians fight themselves within the party. Mind you, the symbol of the APC party is the broom. You can Google to see.

Vision Three (Two years after vision two)
In this vision, I was in a huge compound with a cemented floor. But I saw that the entire floor of the compound was covered with green slimy algae. I tried to use a broom to wash the floor, but it wasn’t working at all – even with water and soap. Suddenly, a young boy who was beside me said that it is not possible to use broom, water and soap to wash the floor, but that instead I should use acid to burn off all of the algae.
(End of vision)
I woke up from that vision with an understanding that the vision is talking about Nigeria and the ruling party in power. I sought more understand from God and later that day, He told me that the APC party has failed concerning Nigeria and that it will implode within itself as a party and be no more.
I want to believe that God knew the All Progressive Congress was going to fail woefully but He still allowed the party to win. I have heard some people say that APC winning the election was a kind of punishment to Nigeria. This may be true or may not be true. Anyway, a few months later after the last vision, I was invited to help clean a compound that had the same green algae on its cement floor. We tried using brush and water but it wasn’t coming off. We opted then for raw acid mixed with water and we were able to remove everything. Mind you I had already forgotten about the vision of the cement floor. Right there as we washed the floor with the acid mixed with water, God reminded me of the vision about Nigeria. It was like He was giving me a second witness to what He had said, for in the mouth of two witnesses, every word shall be established. And from that day in 2016, I have waiting patiently for God to bring to pass His words concerning Nigeria. A few days ago before this publication, I was again reminded of this prophetic word of the cleansing of Nigeria and I want to believe that it’s time for fulfillment has come. And none can stop that which God wants to do and also accomplish for Himself in Nigeria and then in Africa through Nigeria.

To bring some level of clarity concerning these words, let me say this. These words of prophecy are not about the coming general elections in Nigeria. It is bigger than that, even though these words can also have an impact on the elections, as God may want. These words of prophecy are about the election and choice God made in Nigeria as the land that triggers the spiritual emancipation of Africa and the world, even as we see the Day of the Lord come nearer. Enough is enough for the sons of Belial that have made a mess of Nigeria and her true destiny in God, for her name shall no longer be called “the dark area”, but the lighted mountain that God delights in. A new Nigeria has come and will manifest in ways that men will not believe. To the corrupt church in Nigeria I say this, you were given a mandate to prepare the people of God for the coming spiritual emancipation of Africa and the world, you were given resources without measure to prepare for this move of God, you were given the anointing of the Spirit to raise a people for God, but you ended up building monuments to yourselves, while dining at the table of Jezebel. You shall surely receive your just reward from the Lord shortly, while those who have followed God in Spirit and in truth shall receive of the Lord new names and new identities that are divine and that no man can take from them.

Nigeria, amongst the many other things that she is before God, is the spiritual trigger, or home, to the spiritual awakening and emancipation of Africa and thereby the world. (See my article on The Sound from Africa). God is keen about cleaning Nigeria, and His intention is also to bring her to the place of righteousness that is allotted to her and by that righteousness, men shall know the marvelous workings and the wisdom of God. For as the womb of Nigeria has produced the Esau expression of rottenness that the whole world has seen, so shall the same womb give birth to the fragrance and the righteousness of God for the global call to the spiritual walk with God which Nigeria is mandated by ordination to bring forth. The time is now.

The cry of the Jacobs from Nigeria has gone up to God against those who have been the image of Esau and those who have been destroying the image and the destiny of Nigeria within and outside of Nigeria, and God shall no longer watch this reproach against His trigger nation continue. The sword of the justice of the Lord is coming and will strike hard against the workers of iniquity. For the time has come for things to change in Nigeria
So concerning Nigeria I say these:
*Nigeria shall be cleansed thoroughly by the acid of God to purify and make her holy unto the Lord. For righteousness shall arise out of her midst.
*The current ruling party (APC) has failed God as regards the plan of God for Nigeria. It shall implode within herself and shall be no more.
*The dirty image of Nigeria shall be cleansed and a new and glorious Nigeria shall emerge.
*In essence, Nigeria shall be the federal republic of The New Nigeria. It will be a place where love, holiness and purity will flow again before the coming of the Lord.

The question however then is this, by whose hands shall all this take place?
It shall be by the hands of the true sons of God who have been in the inner places of their walk with God. For God shall give them grace and strength to accomplish His words over Nigeria. Amen and amen.

God bless you.

Samuel Phillips

Samuel Phillips

A passionate photographer who is inspired by the Unseen to capture the seen. A singer/songwriter and gospel music minister; a bruised reed I will not break, and a smoking flax I will not quench. A Messenger of Hope, The Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast in God.

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